The rooms of Casa Babbuino

The rooms of Casa Babbuino

Discover one by one the thematic rooms of Casa Babbuino: Music, Biker, Surf and the Babbuino Ghiotto suite. Large, bright and each with a unique character!

Music Room

The music room will bring you directly to the world of rock and roll, especially the early British one. The inspiration for the atmosphere of the room comes in fact from Great Britain with its splendid contrasts between the typical English elegance and the breaking of the schemes characteristic of the rock of the first guard. Strong colors on the walls counterbalanced by elegant furnishings, all enriched by a thousand quotes from the world of music: from guitars, to vinyls, to concert posters. The bathroom with its black and white will amaze you.


Room size: sqm. 25

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Biker Room

Our passion for motorcycles, especially custom ones, was a source of inspiration for the Biker room. More than an object, the motorcycle is a lifestyle and for us it represents the best way to travel, discover and blend with the landscape. In this room with desert sand-colored walls, you will find as a headboard a real work of art made through the recycling of recovered metal sheets, to remember the metallic and thundering soul of our favorite motorcycles. Vintage playbills, paintings and (last but not least) a real Moto Guzzi complete a room full of character. The bathroom is a real gem equipped with a huge shower that recalls the atmosphere of a hammam, to relax after a day on the motorbike!


Room size: sqm. 27

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Surf Room

As the name suggests, the surf room with its suggestive view of the garden is obviously inspired by the world of surfers. The colors of the room, the furnishings, and of course the different surfboards and skateboards on display will make you forget for a moment that you are in the city and will transport you to the ocean, waiting for the perfect wave. Like all the rooms, most of the furnishings  have been handcrafted, including the surfboards and skateboards by the eclectic architect of Casa Babbuino. The unique peculiarity of the surf room is represented by the double exposed beams, the original ones of the room and those of the roof. We hope that by closing your eyes you will hear the roar of the waves ...


Room size: sqm. 30

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Casa Babbuino Suite

The Casa Babbuino Suite is a tribute to our travel cooking and food and wine blog "Il Babbuino Ghiotto". With its wide spaces and delicate colors, on the walls you will find various references to the world of good drinking and good food, as well as various monkeys! In this, as in the other rooms, the finishes and most of the furnishings have been handcrafted, in particular the wooden wall that acts as a headboard was made by recovering an old parquet that has been painstakingly cleaned of glues, recolored and applied to the wall. For those who follow us on the blog, they know that the philosophy of the Ghiotto Baboon is to always look for ethical suppliers and never waste raw materials by reinserting them in a virtuous circle that gives them new life and new identity.


Room size: sqm. 35

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Our services for everyone:

  • Fully equipped kitchen available to guests
  • Small reading room
  • Room with tables and sofas for leisure or remote working
  • Free high-capacity Wifi
  • Internal garden court
  • Space for events-dinners-tastings
  • Structure in the heart of the alternative district of Verona: Veronetta
  • At 15 minute walk from Piazza delle Erbe
  • Private bathroom in the room
  • 24h automated check-in available
  • Independent entrance to the structure, to the common areas and to the garden 24 hours a day
  • Water, coffee and tea included

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